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Dulsco conducted recycling awareness campaign with students of Al Khansaa

Friday, May 4, 2018

Dulsco, a regional pioneer in environmental solutions and human resource solutions, in association with Al Khansaa Primary Independent School for Girls, Al Thumama, Doha, Qatar, conducted a recycling awareness drive for the students at Al Khansaa. The drive was part of the ongoing environmental campaign where many green team volunteers took part, including 45 students. The school’s involvement in this campaign sends out a clear message to society to follow suit and help young budding minds to become the green warriors of the future.


By adopting such unique community activities and events aimed at protecting the environment, Al Khansaa School and Dulsco aim at instilling a sense of collective social responsibility towards a safe and sound environment. It was an interactive platform where the significance of recycling was highlighted. Students were also shown a video on how Dulsco collects sorts and bales the recyclables to ensure they don’t end up in the landfill.


“One of the main objectives of this campaign was to get to the grass root level by educating the students on waste management in a practical way. We are extremely pleased to have tied up with Dulsco in the effort to conserve the environment. Waste management and recycling is of prime importance and it is imperative to implement the concepts in order to regulate waste. Students gained an in-depth understanding of waste segregation at source through this campaign and have shown eagerness to participate in future ‘green campaigns’ such as this one,” said Ms. Maryam Ibrahim Al Hamadi, Principal of Al Khansaa Primary Independent School for Girls.


The program gathered a lot of interest in the budding minds as the event educated the students on the practical aspects of recycling. Students were encouraged to actively participate and play an important role in waste reduction and proper recycling of unavoidable waste through the motto of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. “It is important that we tap into the potential of the younger generation at an early stage to make an everlasting impact on the planet. These young students are keen and passionate and they serve as the main source of information within families. We firmly believe that the students across the region can make a difference to their society by participating in such initiatives. The onus lies with corporates like us and schools, who can encourage these young minds to initiate such waste recycling initiatives in the future,” said Mr. Joseph Mathew, Director Dulsco Qatar.


Through this recycling awareness program, Dulsco aimed to inculcate and sustain a behavioural change in the children on reducing waste and stressing on recycling as both the aspects are of prime importance. Recycling campaigns have played a pivotal role in society in the field of environment protection, sustainable waste management and promoting voluntary work in the region. Recently, Dulsco conducted the ‘Recycle-to-Regain’ recycling drive as part of its support to the ‘Qatar National Environment Day’ campaign driven by Ministry of Environment. This particular campaign has met with great success among residents and organisations in Qatar. This approach has been an important element in Dulsco’s CSR vision and has helped in reducing the pressure on landfills.