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Land Remediation

Liquid Waste


As the Oil and gas industry booms there is a high risk of spillages. Especially large areas of land be contaminated with oil by increasing the TPH value in soil. Such lands need to be remediated soon. Removal of such pollutants and restore to its baseline condition is a mandatory practice.

Remediation technologies can be categorized into ex-situ and in-situ methods. Ex-situ methods involve excavation of affected soils and subsequent treatment at the surface as well as extraction of contaminated groundwater and treatment at the surface. In-situ methods seek to treat the contamination without removing the soils or groundwater. Various technologies have been developed for the remediation of oil-contaminated soil/sediments.

Traditional remediation approaches consist of soil excavation and disposal to landfill and groundwater “pump and treat”. In-situ technologies include but are not limited to: solidification and stabilization, soil vapor extraction, permeable reactive barriers, monitored natural attenuation, bioremediation-phytoremediation, chemical oxidation, steam-enhanced extraction, and in situ thermal desorption. At DULSCO QATAR generally use bioremediation for small scale project and electrokinetic oxidation for large scale projects. We have advance technologies to treat large-scale contaminated sites.

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